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Brilliant Rays Wheels Trading Co.,Limited

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Brilliant Rays Wheels Trading Co.,Limited

The rotary forging process has significant advantages over conventional forging. Rotory forging produces a very tight grain structure. When combined with spinning this state-of-the-art technology results in substantial benefits in the internal structure of heavy duty aluminum wheels.
  • It is a CCIF (Computer Controlled Incremental Forming) process used to progressively form the material into the shape desired.
  • This rotary forging process orientates and aligns the aluminum grain structure in a radial pattern for maximum strength.
  • Material incremental deformation is achieved by combined rotational movement and axial compression.
  • Greater surface finish quality (no cracks as a result of impact as in closed forging) as the material flow is incremental. 
  • Material hardening and optimized grain structure 
  • More uniform mechanical properties.
Computer Controlled Spinning Technology, which is a metalworking process utilizing a mandrel and multiple rollers to efficiently produce near net shape axis symmetric parts in moderate to high volume. 
  • It is a Precision CCFF (Computer Controlled Flow Forming) process where rollers form the material against the mandrels to produce the rim profile. 
  • This enables us to achieve the distinctive material properties with uniform grain flow and surface finish in the rim area.


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North America

South America

Western Europe

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Business Type




Trading Company


No. of Employees : 5~10

Annual Sales : 500000-2000000

Year Established : 2009

Export p.c : 80% - 90%

Company History

Steven Liao and his friends created Brilliant Rays Wheels Trading Co., Limited in 2012. Mr. Steven has been more than 10 years experience in the field of forged wheels in China. In the early stage, BR Wheel only served as a trader and sold the best quality forged wheels manufactured in China to the global buyers, but now, the goal of BR Wheel is to produce the world's cheapest price and best quality wheels. So, we are starting to make our own forged wheels.

Company Service

1 We offer custom forged wheel service with a minimum order quantity of 4 pcs.
2 We make $100 forged wheels with a minimum order quantity of 400 pcs.
3 We can produce monoblock 2piece 3piece forged wheels.
4 We serve global buyers.


Company Team

product engineer.
product designer.
Process Engineer.
Intelligent equipment engineer.
Robotic automation engineer.
Heat treatment engineer.
FEA Analysis Engineer.
Forging engineer.

Brilliant Rays Wheels Trading Co.,Limited
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