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FEA (Finite Element Analysis)


The Structural Calculation realized on the wheel is aimed to undergo to the equivalent of a 200,000 cycles testing. we work with a high safety factor about the fatigue limit typical of the material. 

In order to execute the Finite Elements Analysis, is used the information captured previously in the Applications List, like the weight of the vehicle (load); the ET of the vehicle and the rolling circumference.

The calculations realized are analyzed by coloured diagrams (Von Mises), where are calculated the half effective tension on each point.



Computer aided design Forged wheels


We have the most professional engineer, we use the most advanced design software, such as Proe, UG, 3DMAX and AUTOCAD.
A European designer team and our close cooperation, Norway and Romania designer for our services, these wheels design accord with the aesthetic standard of westerners


Forged wheels Test


Radial Fatigue Test
Cornering Fatigue Test 
Impact Test

  imilar to the cornering fatigue test, the radial fatigue test is intended to simulate the dynamic loading of the wheel during cornering of the road. It simulates the forces of load that a wheel experiences with a tire mounted and carrying the weight of the vehicle and passengers, cargo. The radial fatigue test is also performed with a tire on. This test also well exceeds any stresses seen in normal road use of the wheel all while meeting the standards set forth by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineer).


  • Standard:VIA JWL

    Issue Date:2019-01-14

    Expiry Date:2029-02-01


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