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Production Line
  • We use aluminum alloy 6061 as the production material
  • Aluminum blocks were forging by 10000T forging pressure,and to be forged blanks.
  • Forged blank was spun to form rim.
  • Heat treatment of aluminum alloy forged wheel
  • CNC procession,mill forged blank to be the design what we needed.
The rotary forging process has significant advantages over conventional forging. Rotory forging produces a very tight grain structure. When combined with spinning this state-of-the-art technology results in substantial benefits in the internal structure of heavy duty aluminum wheels.
  • It is a CCIF (Computer Controlled Incremental Forming) process used to progressively form the material into the shape desired.
  • This rotary forging process orientates and aligns the aluminum grain structure in a radial pattern for maximum strength.
  • Material incremental deformation is achieved by combined rotational movement and axial compression.
  • Greater surface finish quality (no cracks as a result of impact as in closed forging) as the material flow is incremental. 
  • Material hardening and optimized grain structure 
  • More uniform mechanical properties.
Computer Controlled Spinning Technology, which is a metalworking process utilizing a mandrel and multiple rollers to efficiently produce near net shape axis symmetric parts in moderate to high volume. 
  • It is a Precision CCFF (Computer Controlled Flow Forming) process where rollers form the material against the mandrels to produce the rim profile. 
  • This enables us to achieve the distinctive material properties with uniform grain flow and surface finish in the rim area.
  • Aluminum alloy wheel production line in China
  • volume-produce of automatization
  • Forged aluminum alloy wheel mass automatic production
  • Automated forging wheel painting production line

We use state-of-the-art technology in producing all of our wheels, from the rotary forging to the spin forging process to make the lightest and strongest wheels available. Utilizing our processes we have improved rim flange wear life far beyond the competitions wheels. In addition, our load ratings are also higher than our competitor’s products. Our 26 x 16 super  wheels are optimized to deliver superior tire life and since our rim flanges our stronger they double the rim flange life without additional cost.



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BR FEA wheels

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)


The Structural Calculation realized on the wheel is aimed to undergo to the equivalent of a 200,000 cycles testing. we work with a high safety factor about the fatigue limit typical of the material. 

In order to execute the Finite Elements Analysis, is used the information captured previously in the Applications List, like the weight of the vehicle (load); the ET of the vehicle and the rolling circumference.

The calculations realized are analyzed by coloured diagrams (Von Mises), where are calculated the half effective tension on each point.



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Computer aided design Forged wheels


We have the most professional engineer, we use the most advanced design software, such as Proe, UG, CATIA ,Solidworks Ansys and AUTOCAD.
A European designer team and our close cooperation, Norway and Romania designer for our services, these wheels design accord with the aesthetic standard of westerners





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